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Time and again, we’ve heard that opportunity comes once in a life time. That’s what we’ve heard. But what do we believe? I believe that opportunity comes as many times as you are able to create during your life time. Great minds create opportunities. They do not wait for opportunity. But should any opportunity show up, they are always ready to grab it by the throat. Most people fail to even take opportunities because they fail to recognize opportunities when they come. It’s a bit like they are waiting for a divine revelation to say: this is an opportunity, take it. But it doesn’t happen like that. Opportunity, in most cases, slips in through the back door disguised as temporary defeat. Often times we are overpowered by this temporary defeat and waste our time feeling sorry for ourselves. And before we realize what’s in front of us, the opportunity is gone. So if really opportunity comes once in a life time, I bet that’s a knock out. We need to train our minds to be able to create opportunities and to take them. To see an opportunity, we must adapt ourselves to see 95% with our minds and only 5% with our eyes. This is what I call the 95/5 rule. To create an opportunity, you must learn to believe, desire and think outside of the box. The ability to create something out of nothing (using your most powerful asset: your mind) is very important. If you think, if you desire (not wish, not hope), if you have a definite plan of action, if you persist, you will succeed


The next time you see an opportunity, be it by chance or by purposeful creation, I hope you REALIZE IT and TAKE IT.
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By oyediji innocent.